Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Their Way?

Joshua and Lydia are glad school is almost over. It leaves more time to play on the playground, goof around with Barkley, and ride bikes!!! Lydia permanently ditched her training wheels recently. And Joshua snuck onto the roof of the playground playhouse [apparently with Aunt Anna's permission!!! Yikes!!!] to pose for this picture. If you're still reading this post and not yet thoroughly bored, you can click the play button below to watch a riveting [not really] vid of the kids walking to school. It only takes 30 seconds and they're STILL sometimes late. How this is possible boggles the mind!!!


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't say he had my actual permission...i just didn't say no. hehe. :)

aunt anna.

Anonymous said...

That is what Aunts are for anyway! My nephew Justin was home and recently reminded me of the first M & M's he ever had! How did I know at 3 the kid had NEVER had chocolate? He seemed to like it ok! ha ha ha

Kim W.