Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't Disciples Keep Learning?

Nick is done. Reveal is almost over. And Kumar is waxing eloquent about velcro for some reason. I'm in the back posting my last entry from the 2009 Reveal Worship Conference. I hope you've enjoyed reading my take on what's happening here. But before I go, I wanna leave you all with some more resources you can take advantage of from the AMAZING speakers at the breakout sessions. For more info about any of them, please contact New Hope @ 301.854.1866. Enjoy!!! And keep learning!!!
  • Church Media: How to do a professional job on a limited budget. Contact David Brillhart to learn more about how to produce top-quality video.
  • Church Drama without the drama / Finding God in Pop Culture. Contact Rajeev Sigamoney to learn more about the effective formation of drama groups.
  • Creating Flow in Worship / Running an Effective Morning Rehearsal. Contact Brian Wright to create a flow sheet that guides worship participants
  • Creating an Environment of Innovation. Contact Lauri Preston to use the book of Revelation to see that worship is filled with creative imagination.
  • A Gospel Centered Approach to Creative Media / Incorporating Video into Your Worship. Contact Stacia Wright or Paul Kim to learn how to incorporate this medium into your service without losing spiritual intergrity.
  • How to Select the Right Songs and How to Get People to Sing! See my previous post about this or contact Katina Chappell.
  • Introducing Contemporary Worship to Your Congregation. Contact G. Kishore Carey to learn what to do and what not to do to introduce contemporary worship into your congregation wtihout splitting your church.
  • Multi Cultural Worship. Contact Robert Kennedy III to learn how your church can be come less segregated and more integrated in its worship so it better represents the inclusive kingdom of God.
  • Leading Worship in a Small Church. Contact Rick Anderson to learn how to build and maintain a functional worship ministry in a congregation with 75 people or less. Be sure to ask him about the software he recommends too!!!
  • Preaching Grace Centered Sermons / Creating a Theology for Worship. Pastor J. David Newman's series on "Making Adventism Relevant" gets downloaded thousands of times each month. Have you read it yet?
  • Rejoice in Story: Listen and Tell to Share the Word. Gail Rosen is a professional storyteller, rereavement facilitator, and hospice volunteer. Contact her to learn how to tell stories better. Especially God's story.
  • Reaching the Next Generation. Adventism's premier church researcher, Monte Sahlin can help you learn how to engage new generations of young adults in worship and mission.
  • Worship Journey. Dave Gemmell can help you unpack the metaphor of journey to better understand the rich meaning of the corporate worship experience.


kumardixit said...

waxing is what I do best. Mike thanks for blogging the conference. It was appreciated! Oh yeah, Nick rocked.

Marty said...

Thanks here too. Some good suggestions.

kaiandkristi said...

Hi Mike! How are you doing? Great to see you have a blog and keep it packed with all sorts of great stuff. Hope you guys are doing great!