Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Precedes Good Worship?

Prayer!!! Dr. David A. Anderson, author of Gracism: The Art of Inclusion [click pic for details] is senior pastor of a multicultural congregation called Bridgeway Community Church located in Columbia, Maryland. He's the first speaker @ Reveal. He's talking about how churches full of every tribe, nation, language, and people are fueled by prayer!!! What a concept!!!

People in his church pray on Tuesday night touching the seats and sections and aisle ways where people will be worshiping later that weekend so "They'll be ambushed by the love of God before they even take their seat."

Why do we so quickly forget that the prayers of Acts 1 precede the worship and outreach and baptisms of Acts 2?


Anonymous said...

Don't know Mike, reminds of a 4Him song, "Couldn't We Stand to Kneel A Little Longer?"


Life is Good said...

Hey Pastor Mike,

It's great to get your blogs from New Hope's conference on worship. Glad you are there.

I was LOL imagining why TSA pulled you over. What profile did you fit, btw?

Anyway, I have some questions for you and your colleagues at this conference...

#1: Who determines what "good" worship is, God or worshippers?

#2: What are the key factors worship leaders focus on to plan "good" worship?

#3: How is "worship" defined these days? And how does today's definition differ from the definition, say, 15 years ago?

#4: Who is actually blessed by "good" worship, God or worshippers?


Inquiring minds want to know...

Caryn said...

LIFE IS GOOD, always full of thought-provoking questions as always...Mike4Tune,inquiring minds would like to know your good to hang with you a little yesterday, sorry your game got rained out last night!