Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Save The Date?

Some of you may recall that we needed to rename our annual Labor Day car show. Well, we did and we're calling it the Kidz Crazy Car Show!!! [So I can tell our community guests that that God loves them like crazy and so I can remind all the parents sending their children to James Meade Learning Center and Toledo Junior Academy how badly their kids need a gym!!!] My buddy Jon Eva down in DC at Idea Ink Communications did the logo for us [BIG thanks and WTG to Jon!!!] Isn't it sweet?!!

This year all proceeds benefit the Toledo Junior Academy gymnasium building project. So please save the date!!! It's Monday, September 7 rain or shine from 4 to 7pm. Right now, we need help passing out fliers at any of the car shows listed here. We also need parents and people to give their bosses and companies they work for sponsorship forms. So click the pic for more info, to pre-register online or to download the fliers and sponsorship forms. And stay tuned for more info coming soon!!!

Should We Expect Hatred?

Jesus said we should [cf. John 15:18-John 16:1-4]. And that's one reason the widows in this clip aren't crushed by the loss of their husbands in Nigeria. They meet together the last Thursday of every month for prayer and encouragement and are committed to thanking their heavenly father for continuing to meet all their needs. Click triangular play button to see what I mean.
Eighteen year old Yakubu has had a similar experience. He became a Christian in 2001. Since then, he has been actively sharing his faith, even traveling outside his city of Jos in Nigeria to share with people living in smaller villages. But on November 28, 2008, religious riots broke out against Christians. His best friend shot him along with hundreds of other Christians. But miraculously, Yakubu survived and even more amazing, forgave his friend!!! Click the triangular play button below to hear him tell his story.

Click anywhere in this sentence to see what else I said in church last week about living grace in the meantime even amidst unspeakable hatred.

Family Camp Pics?

Josh made new friends at Family Camp. One of whom, a salamander, came home with us. Nearly everybody enjoyed the canoe trip down the Mohican River. Even Lydia after she stopped sobbing scared of getting into the canoe! Josh and Jackie and I enjoyed the horse back rides in the corral and on the hills and trails all around camp. The kids loved swimming in the pool during the afternoons and "candy bar kickball" every night before worship and camp fire. I'm scared of heights, so chose not to participate in the high ropes course. But I did drag Lydia and some of her friends up the powerline. Which doesn't look steep...but it is!!! Lydia did enjoy the playground and crafts but not the horses yet. Maybe next year!!! Join us!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Was I Last Week?

Some of you might have noticed I wasn't blogging last week. The reason why? Because Jackie and the kids and I were at Family Camp 2009 in Camp Mohaven near Danville, Ohio [click pic for more info].

When I wasn't doing talks or leading music, I also had a blast swimming, biking, canoeing, Frisbee golfing, rock wall climbing, horseback riding [!!!], and [my fave of all] napping [especially after some of those activities!!!] in the afternoons. Kids loved the daily crafts and nightly camp fires. Jackie loved not cooking for a week [the food WAS surprisingly good!!!].

Hope you and yours can save some vacation time to unwind with us next summer for some or all of Mohaven's Family Camp. [There are even air conditioned accommodations with WiFi if you simply must keep surfing and blogging!!!] You do not have to be a member of Toledo First to participate. Having you join us next year would make it SO much more fun!!! Stay tuned to Fortune Cookies next week for some pics of our summer fun so far.

How Would You Introduce Him?

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched comedian Steve Harvey imagine out loud how he would introduce Jesus in this three minute clip. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Balance Or Choices?

One of the speakers at the 5th Annual National Conference on Innovation October 4-6, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio is Suzy Welch who has just written a book [released April 2009] called 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea. In it, she suggests that life anywhere [inside or outside the church] is not primarily about balance but about making choices consistent with your values.

Click pic for more info and a complete list of other featured speakers discussing
why churches must foster innovation in mission and ministry and how that can be done in today’s culture. Please consider this your personal invitation to join my team or bring a team of your own from wherever you go to church. Click here to see Suzy say more about balance versus choices.