Friday, May 15, 2009

What's An Accidental Theology Of Worship?

Nick Zork is a songwriter, recording artist and director of the Andrews University Music and Worship Conference. He regularly leads worship and is currently studying at Fuller Theological Seminary. He's talking about some accidental theologies of worship right now. The first is consumerism. We know we're falling into that trap of worship when we ask things following the service like: "That was SO good for me! Was that good for you?" But that kind of worship is not compatible with the image of the lamb that is sacrificed in Revelation 5.

Then he talked about a couple accidental theologies of worship that can be consistent with the worship of a sacrificial lamb such as worship that builds community and making worship evangelistic. And when these theologies minus consumerism occur in the same worship service, we're closer to building a wholistic worship as a "work of art."

Nick then offered a picture of wholistic worship based on Isaiah 6:1-8. Because it begins not with Isaiah but with a vision of a holy God [v3]. It incorporates humility and cleansing and forgiveness [v7]. Which sends the worshiper from that place into the world [v8].

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