Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Balance Or Choices?

One of the speakers at the 5th Annual National Conference on Innovation October 4-6, 2009 in Columbus, Ohio is Suzy Welch who has just written a book [released April 2009] called 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea. In it, she suggests that life anywhere [inside or outside the church] is not primarily about balance but about making choices consistent with your values.

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why churches must foster innovation in mission and ministry and how that can be done in today’s culture. Please consider this your personal invitation to join my team or bring a team of your own from wherever you go to church. Click here to see Suzy say more about balance versus choices.


Larry Witzel said...

I've been surprised at how much attention Suzy Welch has received from Adventist leaders recently, especially given some of the major life choices she has made in the last few years. While she was editor of Harvard Business Review, she conducted and published a high profile interview with Jack Welch, the married CEO of General Electric, while having an affair with him--embarrassing the publication and leading to her dismissal. It was the highest profile "choice" among many she has made in her career and life that are completely incongruent with healthy family values.

If her choices really have been consistent with her values, why would we invite someone with values polar opposite from the Bible to speak to church leaders at the National Conference on Innovation? I'm not suggesting there's nothing to be learned from her. But I am seriously questioning the decision to feature her as a high profile speaker at the event.

Mike Fortune said...

Great question Larry. It was something I wondered myself. As has Matt Lauer and countless other journalists who have all asked her a form of the same question.

To her credit, she humbly says she did NOT apply 10-10-10 to the relationship mistakes she made earlier and that if she had, she believes the impact on those around her would have been much less damaging.

Even smart people make mistakes and have to learn from them. Maybe we can too. Hope to see you there!!!