Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Will Christ Trump Country This Weekend?

This weekend, churches across the land will be focusing on country. This vid reminds us that rightly understood, Christ trumps country. Enjoy!!! (And BIG thank you and WTG to ShareFaith for making theologically powerful vids AND making them available for a 7 day free trial. Click the yellow link for more info and consider a ShareFaith video subscription for your church.)

An Interdependence Day Prayer?

Heavenly Father, You are the real foundation of nations, raising them up to serve and care for the people dwelling inside and outside their boundaries / Thank You for raising up a nation devoted to freedom and interdependence on You / Please bless this country with your Spirit so like Abraham and the followers You called before us, we can be a blessing to others

Help us not to squander our abundance on frivolity / May our strength always be on the side of justice / Help our leaders to be strong enough to seek peace and reject the myth of redemptive violence / May the great, strong hearts of our people be open to cheerful, and when necessary, sacrificial giving / Help our giving to benefit America but also the World / Especially the millions of women and children enslaved throughout it / More than at any time in earth's history / May all who seek citizenship be welcomed here / And may our legacy be one of enduring equality and liberty

We, the people, still believe there is hope for the least, the last, and the lost because once we were too, but now are found / On this Interdependence Day, and every day till we see Jesus face to face, may we the people continue to put our hope in You

- a personal prayer adapted from multiple scriptures and sources

Monday, June 27, 2011

Will You Picnic With Purpose?

Jesus did all the time. Matthew 14:15-21 says he did so with 5k plus people! We probably won't have that many at ours after church on July 16, but hopefully, we'll have a few hundred. Because in addition to our church members, who bring their friends and family who might never walk into a church but would walk into a park for a delicious meal, we will again be serving smiles and lots of fresh squeezed ice cold lemonade to all the walkers, joggers, and proud doggie owners walking by our picnic (plus doggie biscuits for the dogs!!!). Pastor Daniel is organizing a corn hole tournament and Donna will once again be taking on all challengers in ladder ball. Sabbath afternoon promises to be a delightful day full of good fellowship, games, and worship. Jesus always picnicked with purpose. Will you?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Does Keenan Know God Loves Him Like Crazy?

Keenan Cahill is far from your average high-schooler. For one thing, he has overcome incredible adversity, suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6) since birth. For another, at the young age of 15, Cahill has already achieved international superstardom from behind a webcam in his childhood bedroom no less by lip-syncing todays top 40 hits. It was his cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that first threw Cahill into the spotlight earning 36 million views on YouTube and a legion of adoring fans including Katy Perry herself.

But it was Keenan's honesty about his condition that inspired a Chicago news team to ham it up in his bedroom helping him remind others that talent, no matter how much adversity its presented, can overcome all obstacles. I don't know if Keenan knows God loves him like crazy, but I'm sure He does!!! And I think God thinks it's pretty cool how one sick kid could inspire 36 million people without leaving his bedroom!!! WTG Keenan!!!