Friday, May 08, 2009

Did You Pray Hard?

We did. Me and a bunch of other pastors and musicians led about 100 people gathered in International Park last night from 7-9:30pm in a public event entitled "Reclaiming God: Honoring Conservative Values" on the National Day of Prayer. Todd Hostetler, station manager of YES FM 89.3 in Toledo was the emcee. I talked about Family Values. How as parents and grandparents we can be proactive in passing along to emerging generations the values of Praying [as praising not pleading], Reading [for a relationship not research], and Sharing [what YOU read and hear God saying through Scripture]. I made everyone do the motions to my "God loves you when you're good, God loves you when you're bad prayer" and reminded them that though God does love you like crazy, there are still consequences. And one of the consequences we're facing as a nation is an increase in the number of people who call themselves Christian but don't live like it. The good news is that 2 Corinthians 3:18 [KJV] says if we "behold Him", God will change us. But not just us. Our children and grandchildren as well. Malachi 4:6 [NIV] promises that before Jesus comes again, the "hearts of the fathers will turn to their children and the hearts of the children will turn to their fathers." Click any of the pics to read up on my new friends Anna and Scott from the Children of Liberty and click the triangular play button below to watch a nice segment CBS 11 in Toledo aired with me praying in the background.

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