Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let The Blogging Begin?

So I left Toledo this morning @ 6:45am [thanks Yvonne!!!] and made it to Maryland where I'll be blogging live throughout the Reveal Worship Conference the next few days.

Quick recap: I was frisked by TSA after receiving my boarding pass @ Detroit Metro this morning. And then on my way into the plane, they pulled me out of line and frisked me again!!! I guess the pasty white guy on his way to a conference about worship looked more like a menacing terrorist than any of the 8th graders on their way to DC for their class trip LOL!!!

Stay tuned to for all the latest details including my initial impressions of Reveal or follow me on Twitter by searching and adding "mike4tune" after you join.


Raj said...

You must have "that" certain look!

Life is Good said...

Yup, I agree. You guys are easy to spot! I think TSA got a tip.