Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pacifism In Palestine?

In addition to her duties as Youth & Children's Pastor at Toledo First, Rachel Davies blogs for Spectrum. Recently, she interviewed Treye McKinney and Janelle McIntyre—two extraordinary young Walla Walla alums committed to non-violence through active engagement with the needs of Palestinians in the West Bank [click pic to read article in its entirety].

After tackling questions about pacificism and conscientious objectors and if they think modern Christians of any denomination will ever return to their non-violent roots, she concluded the interview by asking Treye if he had any hope for peace and wholeness in our battered world. I loved Treye's response.

I suppose that I will continue trudging on with peace work at some level or another, not because I believe I will always see results, but because God has called us to be peacemakers. Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, but he didn't add to that, "So, don't help the poor." Instead, he spent all his time helping them. Similarly, Jesus said that in the end there will be wars, but that he and we should spend our time loving our enemies, praying for them, and working against all forces that plant seeds of destruction.

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