Thursday, October 02, 2008

Will God Forgive Us?

Chris Blake is an English and Communications professor at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. He followed up his best selling book Searching For a God to Love with another entitled Swimming Against the Current. At the back of that book, he includes a beautiful prayer, customized for Adventists to pray [that includes elements others could too]. Some of it, entitled "Walking Humbly", is below. What would you add? What do you think? Click the pics for more on Chris Blake.

Merciful God, forgive us for becoming absorbed in Adventist triumphalism, while a dying world wanders off into oblivion / Forgive us for ever placing the word "but" after the words "You are saved through Jesus Christ" / Forgive us for shrinking away from emotionalism until we have truly diminished the role of the Holy Spirit / Forgive us for doing more to prohibit smoking and drinking in our schools than to prohibit meanness / Forgive us for talking about You in place of experiencing You

Forgive us for believing that the Adventist Church possesses all Truth so we don't need to learn from others — thus making ourselves inflexible, brittle, and narrowminded / Forgive us for succumbing to negativity and cynicism instead of living with defiant optimism / Forgive us for not praying and loving more / Inhabit us so we will swim with You against the current. Help us start afresh, to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly, forever and ever / We ask this in Jesus' name / Amen

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