Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Whom Will We Pledge Our Allegiance?

"Today the logic goes something like this: 'We can support a president while also worshiping Jesus as the Son of God.' But how is this possible? For one promotes the economics of competition, while the other admonishes the forgiveness of debts. Can you call Jesus the Son of God and also say, 'He just doesn't understand the world today'? What is the point in calling anything God if it does not also hold sway in every part of one life's life — especially one's politics?"

—Shane Claiborne & Chris Haw, activists for nonviolence, the redistribution of resources to the poor [by the church], and authors of Jesus for President. Click the pic to read their mind bending chapter on Romans 13. As we near Election Day, to whom will we pledge our allegiance?


Anonymous said...

So Shaine Claibourne is also for the Obama "redistribution of wealth" for the poor? It's no surprise he's all about socialism.

Mike Fortune said...

Dear Anonymous,

Actually, Shane is for Christians living their faith and being the change agents instead of the government. You can read about how he is already doing that here:

Does that sound like socialism to you?