Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Stole My Sign?

I don't know. But someone did. I put a Ron Paul sign out in front of my house and it lasted for only 3 days before someone "removed" it. I don't know if it was a Hillary or Huckabee fan. Or a church member [just joking]. They did so at night. But I was surprised by that cowardly act because I wasn't aware people even knew who Ron Paul was!!! Aside from being for peace, for the Constitution and religious liberty, for his wife of 50 years, and delivering over 4000 babies as an MD, he also refuses to participate in the lucrative Congressional pension plan even though he's been in Washington for years.

In short, he is an experienced politician unlike any politician [Republican or Democrat] out there with just enough crazy to be articulate. He deserves to be on the ballot in November. But won't be unless we vote for him now. The Ohio primaries are March 4. The deadline for voter registration is February 3. My name is Mike Fortune and I approve this post. Ha ha ha. Click the graphic above for more info or the triangular play button below to watch a 8 minute video. And thank you for considering Ron Paul for President 2008.

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