Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can We Make Poverty History In America Too?

Yes, we can help make poverty history in the world. And God can use a rock star to help us do it. But what about the hungry in America? That's where Angel Food comes in.

Angel Food Ministries’ mission is to help relieve hunger throughout the United States by serving neighbors one box at a time.
If you don't have space for a food bank in your church, this is a great alternative because once a month you can pick up the food at local sites across America [click here for all the Ohio locations] and distribute it the same day. What a great outreach for your youth group, Sabbath School class, or men's group!!! Click the graphic above for more on Angel Food or the triangular play button below to watch a 2 minute video.
YOU can help make poverty history in America too!!!

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