Thursday, January 17, 2008

What’s Cross Promotional Outreach?

It’s ordinary outreach. With more than one "bulls-eye." Galations 6:14 says it this way: “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.” And part of that world is closer than you think! Every day parents and guardians of the children in our daycare and church school come marching through our doors. And in 2008, we need to get in the habit of anticipating their arrival [anyone care to join me once a week at 7am?!!]. Not only at our daycare and church school, but at our Community Lunches [a.k.a. Friendship Dinners], fellowship meals [a.k.a “potlucks”], and socials [a.k.a Evangelistic Parties]. Why? Because we invited them!!! Some of their children are even participating in the programs! So when they arrive, we need to be prepared to love them! Here’s a list of our winter ordinary outreach activities THEY have been/will be invited to in the next few months.
  • Movie Night January 19 @ 7pm [free]
  • HeartSong Community Lunch [Honoring Firemen/women] February 2 @ 1pm [free]
  • HeartSong Community Sing February 2 @ 2:30pm [free]
  • Super Bowl Party February 3 @ 6pm [free]
  • Valentines For Rwanda February 16 @ 7pm [cost: $10/person. All money raised provides clean drinking water for children in Rwanda. Organized by Women's Ministries and Youth Operate of Toledo First]
  • HeartSong Community Lunch [Honoring Policemen/women] March 1 @ 1pm [free]
  • HeartSong Community Sing March 1 @ 2:30pm [free]
  • International Food Fair March 15 @ 7pm [free]
And here’s what I want YOU to do for them while they’re here:
  • Smile, meet, and greet [introduce yourself!!!]
  • Sit with/near guests. Not in Christian cliques
  • Ask them about their children
  • Thank them for sending their children to James Meade or Toledo Junior Academy
  • Mingle afterward on their way out [the MOST important part!!!]
  • Invite them to our next "thing"

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