Thursday, January 31, 2008

Active Adventist #6?

Daniel, our 14 year old artist here at Toledo First, drew and posted this picture on his blog last week after participating in our Webkinz ordinary outreach. Following below are some excerpts from his post. Click the pic to see some of the other things he draws so well!!! WTG Daniel!!! We're so proud of you!!!

"When I made this blog, I promised my self that I would only post drawings. This one is an exception. One of the first patients we saw was a tiny, little baby. I do not remember the baby's name though. This baby had a whole in her throat that helped her breath. She had tubes going throughout her body. I heard the nurse say that she hasn't seen any adults visit...That means no one has been there to hold her or anything. It was very sad.

There was another patient, a little girl. She has been praying to God to take her surgery away that she has already had. She just wanted God to make her "normal." WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT!?!

There was one last patient that we saw, a little boy. He was only about 9 months old with his worried mother next to him. When we delivered the "Webkin" to her, she just broke down in tears. She was so happy that someone took time out of there day to come and tell her that God loves her like crazy.

Going to see these kids really showed me how thankful I should be and how lucky I really am. I'm really glad that my church did this. I am going to feel so stupid when I start complaining of a headache."

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Brandon said...

Very nice artwork, definitely a future there... keep up the good work.