Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is The Super Bowl Evangelistic?

I believe it is. It could be one thing on TV that people would actually come to church to watch. Especially on our 25' screen/wall in the fellowship room. This year's game features the undefeated New England Patriots versus the New York Giants. In addition to lots of free pizza and snacks and soda, this year's Super Bowl party will feature testimonies at halftime from running back Shaun Alexander and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks. No wardrobe malfunctions here!!!

So if you or a friend or a family member haven't already made plans, consider this your invitation to join us @ 6pm on Sunday. Don't forget to introduce yourself to our guests. Smile, meet, and greet. Please sit with/near guests. Not in Christian cliques. And if you can stay to help us tear down that would be great!!!

Here's a few curious tidbits: There are 58 thirty second commercials during the Super Bowl each costing advertisers $2.7M!!!
The Super Bowl XLII [42 for the Roman numeral impaired] logo features the shape of the state of Arizona in red. The turquoise Roman Numerals represent the Native American culture of Arizona. The red star represents the AFC and the blue star represents the NFC.

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