Thursday, January 24, 2008

What About The Webkinz?

Some of you may remember from Cars 4 Kidz last Labor Day that we raised money to purchase plush toys for kids with cancer at St.V's. Well, last week we delivered the first 36 of 250 Webkinz to many grateful patients and family members. A nurse met us and took us to each room telling us a little bit about each one. We told them we're sorry they're sick. But that God loves them like crazy. And that we'll be praying they get better soon. The response to this ordinary outreach was spectacular!!! The kids were speechless. The parents emotional. The nursing staff shocked.

One mom, who had been in the hospital sleeping on a couch for 8 days while her son was sick, couldn't believe we'd care enough to give her a Webkinz too!!! She asked us about our church and if "anyone" could come!!! We told her only if you're Democrat. Just joking. We exchanged contact info and promised to return to pray with her when her son returns to the hospital for a follow up procedure.

This ordinary outreach made Sabbath miraculous for her. Her son. And the six of us who went. Want to sign up to go next week?
Check the bulletin board at church. There is no age limit, but children must be accompanied by an adult. And nobody can have any flu like or cold symptoms. Click the pic for more info on Webkinz. Or click here to contact Fred, the owner of Yankee Doodle Flag, Kites, and Fun here in Toledo, about a special price on brand new factory sealed never been opened [all important qualities when delivering to sick kids] bulk purchase of Webkinz. Thanks Fred!!! WTG!!!

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Arden said...

Great vision on Webkinz, Pastor Mike! Great to see folks touched by your vision coming to Toledo First to experience more of the warming hospitality you gave em. Kudos and WTGs to the Webkinz ambassadors! I talked with folks who were touched by your visits!