Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's The New Gym Gonna Look Like?

So we started fundraising money for a new gym and classroom addition to Toledo Junior Academy. Here's a picture of what the finished project will look like with the last 2 sections on the left added. With an estimated price tag between 1 and 2 million, this is certainly a God sized project. But already many things are revealing His favor.

Kyla Reams is coordinating the subcommittee bringing excellent advice to the church in business session from her dad. Who, get this, just so happens to be the contractor who has built many of the most recent schools and beautiful buildings and churches in NW Ohio. We've raised $107k so far. But need another $500k before we can even think about getting a loan for the rest from the Columbia Union Revolving Fund [CURF].

So spread the word!!! And leave a legacy!!! Growing from the children's divisions up a Christ centered church shouting the Gospel with our lives is attractive to people. And it requires more space!!! If you have any time next week, stop by the Rummage Sale to contribute!!! No treasure is too small or large to give. Click the pic for details about that.

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