Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drum Roll Please?

My 30 gig iPod is nearly full with 4,532 files on it. Not all of that is 80's music. I've got the Bible Experience actors reading me dramatized portions of the Bible when I wake up in the morning. I've got a hilarious book by economist [!!!] Steven D. Levitt called Freakanomics that is so thought provoking you have to listen to it more than once. I've got Walter Wangerin Jr.'s book called Jesus: A Novel which does such a good job of weaving the Gospels together into one cohesive but riveting story it makes me cry. And a bunch of 80's music.

But with Playlist, you can share that music with others by creating an online playlist of your favorite songs and then adding them to your Facebook, Myspace, blog, or website for free [click pic for details]. So this week, that's what I did.

To the right you can see some of my easy listening faves. I tried to pick songs that wouldn't give you a headache while you're reading my blog, but if that still happens, feel free to turn your computer volume down or click pause on the top left of the media player. After all, they're a few of MY faves not necessarily yours!!! Drum roll please!!!

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VJ said...

I love It Is Written's Shawn Boonstra "A Better Way to Live" daily devotional on my iPod. I also have put "The Bible in Living Sound" and many of the "Your Story Hour" stories for my kids to listen to as we travel.