Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fueled By Faith?

Reaction to our Prayer at the Pump [click the pic to read the June 20, 2008 article "Pumped To Pray" in the Toledo Blade] has been mixed [Google it!!!]. But what I find most interesting in the reaction [especially among professed Christians] is the reason why we prayed in the first place is ignored: 13% of Ohioans can't afford to buy bread!!! Much less gasoline.

So mock me if you want to. But turning to God and asking Him to intervene in the most ordinary aspects of our shared lives is not crazy. That's called normal Christianity. And asking God specific things for the sake of others is not crazy either. That's called intercessory prayer. And while I don't understand how it works, I do believe it does. Both in Bible days and in ours [click here for proof].

What's crazy is that many intelligent Christians either don't know these things or, even worse, don't care!!! God have mercy and save us from ourselves!!! Maranatha!!! Photos courtesy Lisa Dutton/The Blade.

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