Thursday, July 03, 2008

Were We Courteous Christians?

In the June 21, 2008 Toledo Blade article "Fueled By Faith" [click pic for more], it was mentioned that the Exxon station lost 2 diesel sales while we were there praying. What it doesn't mention is that one of largest gas stations around only had 1 diesel pump and while we were there, we PAID for ours.

The other sale was lost because the reporters from The Blade and the cameras from all 4 TV stations continued blocking the pump. We moved our people and vehicle when we were done. They did not.

And finally, everybody knows gas stations make their largest profits by the food and beverage items they sell, not the gas that's pumped. So highlighting those loss of diesel sales makes very little sense aside from making it appear that people were displeased. In fact, they were not. Photos courtesy Lisa Dutton/The Blade.

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