Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Was International Neighborhood Day?

International Neighborhood Day went great!!! Volunteers started arriving at 10am at the church garage. We loaded the juicers and bottled water, generators and extension cords, and caravaned downtown. After getting rained on twice earlier in the day, many of the 250 people who braved the weather gathered @ 4:00pm in the Aurora House parking lot to pay respects to the countries represented, listen to special anthems and music, special remarks by Denise Fox, Executive Director of the Aurora House and resident Laura. Last year we emphasized that God loves people like crazy. This year, with the cultural displays and music and fashion show, we emphasized that God loves ALL people like crazy. And next year promises to be even better!!! So save the date for our Mission Trip to Toledo 2009 a.k.a International Neighborhood Day. Sunday June 21, 2009!!!

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