Monday, March 03, 2008

Who Pimped Our Ride?

Greg LaPoint, owner of LaPoint Discount Auto Parts [click pics for more info], asked one of his guys to work on our Better Bus For Us. This is the "before" photo. Not bad. But because of a bunch of little things like lights and fuses and lettering, we still failed our Ohio DOT Church Bus inspection the first time round. But after it spent a week at Greg's, it passed with flying colors!!!

The blue vinyl stripe was removed. The rust spots around the wheels fixed. The sides painted. Chrome bling added. Not to mention a new dent free [so far] front bumper!!!

He even arranged for his vinyl guys to create a logo with our contact info on the drivers side door and on the sides. The back bumper has glow in the dark white vinyl letters that "pop" when headlights shine on them.

The bus is 9 years old, but looks brand new now!!! Big thanks and WTG to Greg for pimping our ride!!!

If you have a good driving record, are interested in serving once a month as our bus driver picking people up at Aurora House and Victorian Manor Assisted Living Center on Saturday mornings, are insured, and will take Pastor Mike's driver's ed class [no parallel parking required!!!], please see Leonard or Pastor Mike ASAP!!! You are needed!!!


Arden said...

Kudos and WTG's Pastor Mike for the creative ways in which you use the picking up folks in a nursing home and bringing them to church. How exciting it is to see the Toledo First "ride" pulling up and unloading guests, often forgotten by friends and family, coming out of the bus and coming into our church, where they have asked to come. Great vision and implementation of that vision to help others know God loves em like crazy!

Arden said...

And mega kudos and WTGs to Greg and Heather for helping the church leave the building!