Monday, March 31, 2008

Wanna Watch The Gospel Of John?

Many of you know the Gospel of John is my fave book in the Bible. One reason I like it is because the Jesus in it is constantly doing stuff not recorded elsewhere. Like rebuking his own mother [2:4], arguing with Nicodemus in the middle of the night [3:10], and sounding more than a little sarcastic with the Pharisees [10:31-32]. In short, Jesus sounds like someone I can relate to because I too [gasp!!!] can be combative, argumentative, and sarcastic at times [shocker I know!!!].

But aside from the unique stories and manly nature of the book, the other reason I like the Gospel of John is because it reminds religious people like me that the real purpose of the law is to encourage us to cling to the only one who ever kept it [7:19] and that is Christ [Romans 5:19]. Therefore, our job is not to perfectly obey, but to sincerely serve and follow Jesus just like Mary, Nicodemus, and the disciples did. And THAT we can do!!!

So do yourself a favor. And read or watch the Gospel of John!!! Click the pic for the cheapest DVD price — >$6. My kids and I watch a little every weekend. Stopping every few minutes to answer all the questions they ask. You just might be eternally grateful you did!!!


Caryn Brion Wooster said...

My Mom & Dad got this DVD set for Dave & I years ago, and we revisited it the week of Easter with our kids in conjunction with a number of other media forms that really helped bring the story of passion week to life. We, too, showed a little bit at a time and were amazed at how much discussion it spurred with Sabrina (age 7). I taped a number of other "Jesus movies" which were all over the TV that week and have found them to be really meaningful and a nice reinforcement to the stories she has heard and read about all her life. Wooster and Wooster give this movie a "THUMBS UP!"

Caryn Brion Wooster said...

I forgot to mention that what struck Sabrina (and us) the most was the kindness and likeability of this portrayal of Jesus. She was spellbound at the love and kindness she saw in his face and kept commenting on it. SEEING Jesus and His character instead of just HEARING about Him was particularly impactful for her.

Mike Fortune said...

Hey Caryn, that DVD really is amazing. My 6 year old daughter's reaction [Lydia] was just like Sabrina's. She kept asking me if that was really Jesus. And saing how "smiley" he was. Even to the mean people!!!

Yvonne said...

Yeah, nice to know that our kids watch GREAT DVDS we share. We agree TTWU....(for those in Rio Lindo, that means, "two thumbs way up!) for Visual Bible's Gospel of John.