Monday, March 10, 2008

Like Mike?

For the crazy few of you who want to hear even more from me, now you can!!! Even if you don't own an iPod!!!
Go to Download the FREE software. Install and open iTunes. Then with your computer connected to the internet, type "Toledo First" into the iTunes Store search bar in the upper right of your screen. The pic above will "magically" appear. Click subscribe and whenver your computer is connected to the internet with iTunes open it will automatically download the latest greatest [ha!] message I share in church. [For those of you in/near Toledo, this does NOT give you permission to skip church!!! LOL!!!]

For those of you raging against the machine not wanting to mess with iTunes, you could also go to the church website and watch, listen, or download MP3s to listen later. Click the pic above to do so. How much do YOU like Mike?

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