Monday, March 10, 2008

Searching For The God Of Grace?

The apostle Paul told the young pastor Timothy, "We know that the law is good—if one uses it properly" [1 Timothy 1:8]. The problem is, at least in the Adventist church, many of us are not using it properly. Which makes God hard to find. Much less love.

But Stuart Tyner, in one of the best books I've ever read, tackles this and many other topics related to it. Chapter 13 is worth the price of the book alone. It compares the similarities and differences between how we're saved according to the Council of Trent versus the Protestant Reformation. Wow!!! Mind bender!!!

I wish everybody would read this book!!! But especially those of us who grew up Seventh-day Adventist Christians!!! I liked it so much I gave everyone in my church who promised to read it a copy and asked them to prepare to share their feedback with me during a Pastor's Book Club series on Wednesday nights. If you haven't received from me your copy yet, please do so!!! Or click the pic to buy your own!!!

Stuart Tyner is Pastor for Family Ministries at the La Sierra University Church in Riverside, California. He travels extensively to speak about grace as "the one great truth around which all other truths cluster," to seek historical insight on the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, and to discover additional illustrations of grace from the treasures of Western art.

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