Monday, April 11, 2011

Rev It Up Revival?

The freedom of the open road, the rush of the wind in your face, and the thrill of an IMAX® theater view of the world are things a person must experience to really understand. And knowing Jesus isn’t any different. To show biker enthusiasts this, there's an event occurring soon [June 2-5] I'm happy to share and invite you to invite your friends to join [click pic or see below for more info].

So please pick up some flyers to share from church and share them with your biker friends. Offer to go WITH THEM to this event. You and they may be eternally grateful you did!!! Download a brochure here. Contact my biker pastor friend Tom @ 740.739.0750 or for even more info. Call this number to make room reservations or RV / Camping sites @ 740.397.5411 extension 228 or email Click here to register for FREE meals

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