Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have You Watched Earthlings?

Earthlings may be the single most thought provoking documentary I have ever seen in my life. It simultaneously disturbs and inspires. Not for little kids, I still think parents and churches and high-schools [with parental consent] should watch it and talk about it.

If God loves us like crazy, don't you think He loves the animals He created just as much? Shouldn't we? Especially since God told us to take loving care of them [what "dominion" really means cf. Genesis 1:26]? Click the triangular play button below for the Earthlings preview or click here to watch the entire 95 minute film for free. It's makers offer it free because they're pretty sure after watching it, you'll buy it and share it with your friends and family. They were right. That's what I did. The first five people who request a copy by emailing me your name and US Postal service address to will receive the Earthlings DVD free.

Make the Connection.

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Linda G said...

You know about these things and it's disturbing. But to see it is horrible. You have to wonder how we came this far and got this bad. only to realize we are in a largely Godless world and see in this video as well as myriad ways around us that we are in desperate need of God in our lives. praying those who see this respond positively in way we can! thanks for sharing.