Friday, April 22, 2011

For His Glory?

Years ago a monumental study of young people revealed that emphasizing grace, actively participating in community service, and teaching children how to pray, read, and share during family times of worship are three of the most significant factors that contribute to whether they will see God as significant and the church as a positive place to stay when they're adults [for more info read Valuegenesis]. This summer, you're invited to see how these things can work in your lives today.

We make time for sporting events [go Caps!!!] and theme parks [Sea World rocks!!!]. But when was the last time you and your family intentionally set a week aside to worship God and serve those He loves like crazy all together? Camp Meeting JUN 12-18 is coming fast and YOU are invited to join me there!!! Click above pic for details and room / RV reservations. Click here for a schedule of the week. And click here for bios and speakers. You do NOT need to be Adventist or a member of Toledo First Church to participate!!!

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