Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Do Hurt People Hurt People?

Author and Dr. Sandra Wilson says hurt people hurt others because they themselves have been hurt in large or small ways. But God can help us break that cycle of hurt by offering us His healing and hope. On Wednesday, September 8 @ 6:30pm, we begin our fall Community Book Discussion and YOU are invited! The class is free but books cost $10. Bring some soup for Soup for You @ 6pm followed by discussion of this book [click pic for more info]. Get help for healing your own hurts from friends and spouses, leaders, followers, worshipers, parents, and forgivers. Everyone whether you're Christian or not believes in some kind of life after death. Come learn how to have a relationally healthy and abundant life before as well!!!


Linda G said...

Wish i lived close enough to join you!

Linda G said...

God bless you all as you come together with God and learn and grow in Him!

Henry Miller said...

I wish that I could join you too, but the eight or nine hour drive each way is prohibitive.

I am glad that you are bringing this up. Keep up the great work for our Lord!