Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School and Mission Field?

Recently in church I shared how the New Testament book of Acts teaches us that the Holy Spirit comes when we pray [Acts 1:14], when we start using our spiritual gifts [Acts 2:5], when we listen for God [Acts 8:26-29], share more about Jesus [Acts 8:35], and treat where we are as the mission field [Acts 8:36-40]. Click pic to watch / read / listen to me make those points or click the triangular play button below to laugh with J. John, a Canon in the Church of England, describing the first point about prayer. He is LOL funny!!! The audio is perfect, but the video isn't always. Enjoy anyway!!!

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Linda G said...

wow, less than 9 minutes and i was so taken in that it seemed like mere seconds! Going to look for more of him - good point!