Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Can Christians Love Others Well?

Samir Selmanovic, pastor and author of "It's Really All About God" [click pic for more info], grew up in a culturally Muslim family in Croatia. He converted to Christianity as a soldier in the then Yugoslavian army, and went on to become an Adventist pastor at a growing young congregation called Cross Walk in southern California. But a few years ago, he left that congregation [but not Adventist Christianity] to start a "community of communities" in NYC [called Faith House, click logo for more info] to show the world that we can live together on this fragile earth as authentic believers in our own religions without becoming isolated, incoherent, or hostile toward others who do not believe the same way. We can learn to love well [like crazy]!!!

Samir will be coming to Toledo AUG 27-29, 2010. He will be signing copies of his book at the Family Christian Bookstore [4015 Secor Road] @ 7pm on August 27 and will be making presentations August 28 in the Toledo First Church at 11am and 5pm. In addition, he will also be speaking at the Washington Church [3925 West Central Avenue] on August 29 @ 9:30am. You will not want to miss this!!!

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