Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Outreach In The Airport?

By some definitions, Chester Cook has the largest church in the country. As the full-time chaplain of Atlanta's international airport, his flock includes a quarter of a million travelers who pass through each day. But it's not just distressed travelers he [and 40 other chaplains] serves, there are also tens of thousands of flight attendants, baggage handlers, cashiers and soldiers coming and going from tours of duty overseas. Wouldn't it be cool if every Christian took on the role of airport chaplain when we travel?

You have GOT to read this article about a guy who treats the airport as his very special mission field. Click the pic to read the article "He'll Help You Find Your Flight, And God" in it's entirety. Photo and article courtesy: Barbara Bradley Hagerty/NPR.


Jim Lange said...

Great post Mike! I used this article for my own post this morning ( Thanks for the material! I appreciate you!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I didn't know airports had that! In too much of a hurry I guess.