Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can Tragedy Confront Eternity?

Wm. Paul Young believes tragedy can help people confront eternity. And judging by the millions of copies of his book The Shack has sold, others do too. They have been touched by Young's compassionate God [that obviously loves us like crazy!!!] in the face of great evil.

But when I listen to Christian radio, it seems there are just as many people who vehemently disagree with Young. Not about tragedy confronting eternity. But about the nature of God the kind of eternity he has in mind. Which means it's going to be a great book to discuss this fall. Driving us to Scripture and challenging us to speak truth in love about what we find there or anywhere — including a wildly popular novel.

The discussion begins September 16 @ 6:30pm and continues on Wednesdays this fall. A weekly study guide will be available discussing questions including: Where Is God in Senseless, Innocent Suffering?; Is God Really a Family of Three?; Is God in Charge But Not in Control?; What’s Wrong with the World and Us? Does God Forgive Everyone Unconditionally? Simultaneous children and youth programming too. Invite a friend!!! Everyone is welcome!!!

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