Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is Ecstasy Fueled By Doing?

For many Christians, intentions and purity of heart rather than “doing religion” have been considered the truest expression of religious experience. But it is interesting to hear the Bible speak of the ecstasy of religious experience, not only in terms of our passionate feelings we find described in the Bible’s Song of Songs, but also in terms of doing. In Exodus 24:7, Moses records the devotion of God’s people expressing their path to knowing God: “We shall do, then we shall understand.” [my paraphrase].

In his psalms, David calls the law of God “most precious gold” and “sweet like honey, like honey from the comb,” comparing it to the most valuable element known to humankind and the best sweetener of life known to people of his time [see Psalm 19]. A number of times people came to Jesus seeking to find understanding, devotion and relationship with God—inner aspects of faith—and Jesus would say over and over again, “Go and do...”

So why were Job, Moses, David and Jesus, along with the apostles Paul, John and James, so in love with doing? Because law—or right actions—is the way love works. And love is the way the universe is structured. It is doing laundry, cleaning the house, washing dishes, and squeezing that tube of toothpaste the “right” way that lead us to experiences of greater intimacy. And it's the same way with God. Ecstasy is fueled by doing. You disagree?

Adapted from "The Ecstasy of Doing" by Samir Selmanovic. Click pic to read post in its entirety.

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