Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers?

If you don’t understand anybody else, can you have a real conversation with them? Dan Merchant says you can't. That's why the Emmy-award-winning filmmaker donned a white jumpsuit plastered with religious and anti-religious bumper stickers all over it, and traveled across America, interviewing prominent and not-so-prominent Americans about Christianity. The result is a very entertaining yet extremely thought provoking documentary entitled Lord, Save Us From Your Followers [click pic for more info]. Click the triangular play button below to sneak a preview.


Mar said...

Hi Mike!

Thank you for sharing this info and giving us heads up on this upcoming 'don't - miss - it - movie.'

If it's ok with you I will post this trailler on my fb wall with a reference to your blog.

Blessings brother, looking forward to see you this weekend.


Mike Fortune said...

Go for it Mar. BIG thanks and WTG to Lori for sending me the link.

Renee said...

Having just recently been thrown out of a SDA church & told we will have the law here next time to enforce this..I merely stood up & asked for 5 minutes to share & have the congragation have understanding,love and prayer with me as I had attempted to discuss matters with the pastor several time times over the past two years. I had invited him to my home never once would he come...I have had a horrible divorce, I have serious medical problems and financial issues. I was handed a letter by this men that told me pof this ban the day they appeared at my door I invited them in for a cup of tea hoping we could talk but no refusal just a envolope was given to me. Not one person will come and talk to me not one person knows my life story. I am very sad.

Sheila said...

Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your
message... pray this documentary
comes to little Owosso theater.
Looking forward to seeing it.

Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

This looks like a really great movie... Kimberlei

PS. Who is Renee?

Anonymous said...

Renee, wow, you're going through some tough stuff. Don't know where you live, but hope you can find some love & support from family & friends.

Mike Fortune said...

Renee - SO sorry to hear about your situation. If the leadership of that church will not communicate with you, it's probably better that you're not a part of that church. Churches aren't safe places. Just safer than some. Feel free to call me if you want to talk to a pastor [me] who will listen: 419.882.6200. And don't forget that God, even when others don't, still loves you like crazy!!!