Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Should Churches Innovate?

According to the Adventist Church’s Center for Creative Ministry [we actually have one!!!], the median age of an Adventist American is 52 while the median age of the average American is 35. If for no other reason, we should host annual Innovation Conferences [IC’s] just to talk about these constantly changing demographics and their implications. But another reason people in the church need to be innovating inside and outside it is because according to The Barna Group, 71% of those average Americans won’t be attending any church on any day this weekend. The good news I suppose if there is some is that 78% of those unchurched Americans are willing to have a spiritual conversation. Just not in church. Now or maybe ever.

Over the past 4 Innovation Conferences, I’ve met and stayed in contact with numerous Adventist pastors and speakers and teachers who have either attended or made presentations at an IC [such as Ryan Bell, Dave Jamieson, James Tucker, Samir Selmanovic, and Julius Nam] that are currently reaching that 71%. They have greatly encouraged me and the leaders in my church to keep trying to reach this continuously growing mission field of people where I live.

The fifth annual International Conference on Innovation happens this October in Columbus, Ohio. Last year they had about 180 registered participants, and they anticipate having more this year. Will YOU bring a team from your church? I hope so! Click here or the banner ad to the lower right before August 6 to secure the early bird pricing or click the pic above to read the very thought provoking Spectrum Magazine article about how how the conference began and what keeps it going.

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