Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Did The Lord Fast?

For months we've been looking and praying for a place to do ministry outside our church walls. And we thought we finally found one with a great owner. Who was as excited about us moving in as we were. It has a new roof. Furnace. And a big bay window on a corner. Even more amazing is that God provided outside of our church budget full payment of the entire first year's rent!!!

But for a variety of reasons, we are unable to proceed with this outreach. So we are confused. Why has God seemingly led us to this storefront and provided the resources needed to convert it into a worship and mission outpost but is not arranging for our immediate occupancy? Moving into the storefront and renovating it was supposed to be our Mission Trip to Toledo this summer. But it looks like God is saying "no", "wait", "look somewhere else" or maybe simply "I want more of you to see the significance of praying and fasting."

Which shouldn't surprise us because Jesus talked about this [cf. Mark 9:29]. And is actually fasting right now [cf. Matthew 26:29 ]. So this month, we're asking you to pick any 5 days and start fasting. Not just to develop a hunger for serving the less fortunate [cf. Isaiah 58:6-7], but to grow closer to God. Choose one of the options below that Pastor Rachel introduced in church last week [click any pic to read her message in its entirety]. If you have any blood sugar or health issues, please proceed with caution only after consulting your doctor first!!!

1. Non-food fast [abstaining from TV, music, video / computer games / online networking, time with friends, or an hour less sleep]
2. Partial-food fast [no sodas or desserts, only fruits and vegetables, raw foods, no animal products, only two meals per day instead of three]
3. Daylight liquid fast [no solid foods between sunrise and sundown, but during night hours food is okay]
4. Total liquid fast [five 24-hr days of only liquids with no solid food]

If after 5 days of fasting this month you hear God saying "no", "wait", or "look elsewhere" please email me: Thank you in advance for helping seek God's will for us!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm picking a fast and praying hard Mike... God will lead us where we need to be. It's a sweet location and I know you've talked about it. We'll see what happens...

Kim W.