Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Loves Mike's Soft Lemonade?

We met this family in the park last week. Who gave us permission to shoot and use this 17 second vid clip of their reaction to our church Lemonade Stand. The weather forecast said thunderstorms and hail! But God shined down upon us as teams of volunteers [BIG thanks and WTG!!!] gave away 8 gallons of lemonade in 16 oz cups [who knows how many lemons that takes since we put half a lemon in every cup?].

When the incredulous walkers, joggers, and bikers asked why we were giving away for free fresh squeezed lemonade that sells for $5 to $7/cup at county fairs, we were happy to tell them its because "God loves you like crazy!!!"

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Anonymous said...

And there it is. That is why we do it! I pray that if one person like that man there says something... at least more are at least thinking it...
I'm going to the Lenawee County Fair tonight where I WONT be buying a 7.00 cup of lemonade!