Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Conversation Or Pitch?

While I don't recommend this film for children because of its language, adults inside or outside the church [perhaps those in your own family?] could have a fantastic conversation this July 4 full of fireworks all your own if you were to rent the 1999 DVD "The Big Kahuna" and discuss what you see.

Why? Because this one set, three actor, 90 minute film has some very thought provoking exchanges between Phil (Danny DeVito) the pragmatic but jaded salesman who is great at putting things in perspective for everyone but himself, Larry (Kevin Spacey) the seemingly superficial cynic, and Bob (Peter Facinelli ) the naïve Christian zealot whose antidote for everyone and every situation is a strong dose of Jesus. For more info click the pic or to see what I mean, click the triangular play button below to preview a 5 minute scene near the end of the movie.


Larry Witzel said...

As a movie, The Big Kahuna is slow, and drags a lot. But you're right, in the end it's a very thought-provoking movie.

I watched it shortly after it came out, when a non-believer colleague at my office recommended it. While I think he was trying to make a point about religious conversation in the office, it actually got me thinking about being more intentional in engaging in spiritual conversation.

Mike Fortune said...

WTG Larry! What do you do in your office?