Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Can One Do?

I didn't write the following poem and don't know who did. But I really like it. Ten church members all in a line, one got an attitude and there were nine / Nine church members standing tall and straight, one got disillusioned, then there were eight / Eight church members on their way to heaven, one got discouraged then there were seven / Seven church members ready like wicks, one got burned and then there were six / Six church members well and alive, one got cancer, then there were five / Five church members to greet you at the door, one committed adultery and then there were four / Four church members as Holy as can be, one got self-righteous and then there were three / Three church members, what will they do? One moved their membership and then there were two / Two church members with a lot of work undone, one stopped trusting God, then there was one

One disciple, sitting on a pew, called a friendly neighbor and then there were two /Two disciples, reaching out for more, they each called a friend and then there were four / Four disciples, at the church gate, welcomed the homeless and then there were eight / Eight disciples, with zeal unseen, talked more and more about Jesus and grew to sixteen / Sixteen excited disciples, with plenty of work to do, kept serving others, then there were thirty-two / 32-64-128-256, with the dedication of one, there's nothing God cannot fix!!!

The license plate is real. It belongs to my neighbor in Canton.
Click pic to listen to the MP3 I used it in.

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tina said...

I like the last sentence, it gives me Hope, for us all, for every situation, including, Paradise here, on the New earth to live Forever For EVERYONE. I ask this in JESUS's name. Amen ! Tina