Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Is Cars 4 Kidz Over?

Yes, this year's car show is over. And because a non-profit organization exists by the same name, we have to choose a new name for next year. So far we've got Kruizin' 4 Kidz, Jesus Loves Wheelies, and Smokin' Wheelies Car Show. Like any of those? Comment below to add your own name and in a few months we'll have a contest and let you vote on your fave. Click any of the pics below to see even more cool cars, guests and volunteers, burnouts, and awards.

Labor Day 2008 dawned with the promise of cool cars, great music, hot dogs, fresh-squeezed lemonade and most importantly, raising $3k to purchase Webkinz to comfort kids with cancer.

The abundant sunshine, willing volunteers who arrived @ 7:30am [to truly Labor on this day!!!], and generous guests made this event a resounding success. Forty-nine cars were shown at this year's car show and they did not disappoint.

Johnny Rodriguez kept the 50's and 60's hits rolling until 3pm and then it was time for some burnouts! The Hot Wheels truck did some wheelies across the Toledo Junior Academy parking lot which got the crowd fired up. Then Greg LaPoint pulled out several of his cars and put on a smoke filled burnout show!

The car show spectators circulated through the lot with their voting cards and listed their top 3 choices. The children also got to pick their favorites and separate awards were given. Finally a group of judges that are highly knowledgeable about classic cars made selections for several categories. Special thanks to Hugs the Hippo from our sponsors at St.V's Mercy Children's Hospital. And BIG thanks and WTG to all the TF volunteers who served!!! Save Monday September 7, 2009 for our car show next year!!!


Anonymous said...

Carz for Kidz probably isn't.

Hot Wheelz for Jesus!! is also cool. : )

Anonymous said...

wheelin' for webkinz