Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Sharing Stupid?

Saw this ad recently. Reminded me of our most recent field trip to Cherry Street Mission. Normally, we [and by we I mean the women's Monday morning Circle Group] prepare turkey sandwiches. Then we [and by we I mean the 8th graders @ Toledo Junior Academy] serve them. This month we decided to share our frozen leftouveurs from the car show.

Little did we [and by we I mean me] know how significant that would be!!! Sometimes, they only have enough food there to give everyone 1 hot dog. But that day, they got 2 [along with sauerkraut, juice, chips, AND a Reeses peanut butter cup.]

In Mark 4:30 Jesus asks, "What shall WE say the kingdom of God is like?" And then He goes on to compare it to the only Christian condiment in Scripture—mustard!!! Today, I think we'd say, the kingdom of God is like two hot dogs and a Reeses. Because sharing is neither stupid nor a gesture. It's the new normal. It's what growing kingdom seeds look and taste like today.

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Anonymous said...

To me, Sharing is Caring, And it can be Romantic, depends on what your sharing, like, feeding each other strawberries with reddiwhip, or licking it off , never mind. use your own inmagination, like I was. It is a part of Love too. We all have NEEDS... Ever since we were born, I am no different. When I started this, I didn't plan on going to this level, But when you get coolwhip involved, it takes me over from experience. sorry. :) LOL