Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Media Imperative?

Do followers of Jesus have a media imperative? Brian Solis from thinks so. He says 65% of the emerging "Millenial Generation" is disconnected from online stuff less than an hour a day! So if you want to reach them, that's where they are! And when we try, he says the acronym to keep in mind is not Keep It Simple Stupid. It's KISS = Keep it significant and shareable!


Costin Jordache said...

The question may end up being not whether we have a media imperative, but whether followers of Jesus have taken that imperative seriously enough to make a dent in the social fabric. Much like the organized system of Roman roads allowed early Christians to effectively engage a "global" community with the message of Jesus, so the Information Superhighway (remember that buzzword?) bids us travel these modern roads with the message of the Kingdom of Heaven. The followup question, then: now that we find ourselves able to physically reach them, how do we effectively engage them?

Mike Fortune said...

Great take Costin! It was fun seeing you the other day.