Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Does Keenan Know God Loves Him Like Crazy?

Keenan Cahill is far from your average high-schooler. For one thing, he has overcome incredible adversity, suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Mucopolysaccaridosis (MPS-6) since birth. For another, at the young age of 15, Cahill has already achieved international superstardom from behind a webcam in his childhood bedroom no less by lip-syncing todays top 40 hits. It was his cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that first threw Cahill into the spotlight earning 36 million views on YouTube and a legion of adoring fans including Katy Perry herself.

But it was Keenan's honesty about his condition that inspired a Chicago news team to ham it up in his bedroom helping him remind others that talent, no matter how much adversity its presented, can overcome all obstacles. I don't know if Keenan knows God loves him like crazy, but I'm sure He does!!! And I think God thinks it's pretty cool how one sick kid could inspire 36 million people without leaving his bedroom!!! WTG Keenan!!!


Anonymous said...

OH WOW! Connor is a Utube guy and found this kid over a year ago! Cracked me up. Then 2 days later guys at work had it on and then... He was everywhere! ha ha ha I had his Usher cover in my head for days!!!


Henry Miller said...

Such a positive attitude! This is a powerful example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons. This makes me ashamed when I complain about my minor challenges.


Mike Fortune said...

@Kim, Keenan does get in your head!!! @Henry, makes me really grateful too. Thanks for sharing!