Monday, May 02, 2011

Can Christians Change the World?

Mother Teresa said, "Small things done with great love change the world." James Hunter, author of To Change the World might say it this way: "Small things done by networks of individuals and their institutions faithfully partnering with others over time change the world."

This book isn't an easy read because the first half undermines the "small things." Remember the Chicken Soup for the Soul story about the little boy on a beach littered with stranded starfish that picks one up and tosses it back into the ocean? That one was saved, but Hunter's point in the first half of the book is the vast majority of the "starfish" left on the "beach" [my analogy not his] prove Christians haven't really changed most of it. And never will if we continue to think the world primarily changes simply by altruistic individuals in power whether they're liberal or conservative.

As much as I hate to admit it (because I detest self-serving institutions and the hierarchy that runs them), if Hunter is right, individuals in institutions willing to make sacrifices so others flourish can change the world (so maybe there's a place for some of them)! IF Christians change the way they think about and pursue change. That's the good news you eventually reach if you read the rest of this book. Click pics for more info.

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