Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where Is Pastor Mike?

The Ohio Conference encourages their pastors to take a four to six week study break every four years to rest or participate in an enrichment activity to ensure that they don’t burn out. Pastor Mike last took a break in 2005 (before he came to Toledo), so during the month of January, he will be on sabbatical. Though Pastor Mike and Jackie will be joining 35 other Ohio pastors [including Pastor Rachel!] during the Pastors Familiarization Tour of Israel January 19-26, most of the time he will be in Toledo, enjoying the peace and quiet, reading the stack of books he hasn’t read yet but wants to, while taking care of the kids.

Please feel free to speak to him like normal about anything not related to church, school, or daycare! We want him back January 30th re-energized and encouraged—not drained because we didn’t let him rest. Should you need pastoral care, please contact Pastor Rachel, Pastor Allan, Pastor Dave, or Dee at the church office. They will be leading us in worship and covering all pastoral needs in the meantime. Thank you!!!

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marty said...

How about the Redskins?