Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Should We Expect Hatred?

Jesus said we should [cf. John 15:18-John 16:1-4]. And that's one reason the widows in this clip aren't crushed by the loss of their husbands in Nigeria. They meet together the last Thursday of every month for prayer and encouragement and are committed to thanking their heavenly father for continuing to meet all their needs. Click triangular play button to see what I mean.
Eighteen year old Yakubu has had a similar experience. He became a Christian in 2001. Since then, he has been actively sharing his faith, even traveling outside his city of Jos in Nigeria to share with people living in smaller villages. But on November 28, 2008, religious riots broke out against Christians. His best friend shot him along with hundreds of other Christians. But miraculously, Yakubu survived and even more amazing, forgave his friend!!! Click the triangular play button below to hear him tell his story.

Click anywhere in this sentence to see what else I said in church last week about living grace in the meantime even amidst unspeakable hatred.

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Henry Miller said...

Wow!! I hope that I will be able to show such love.