Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's A Stimulus Bawl?

Six weeks ago some folks at church threw a Stimulus Bawl that [literally] knocked my socks off [all the guests were asked to bring six packs of socks to benefit Hannah's Socks—a local non-profit we partner with that provides socks to the less fortunate]. Following supper, the entertainment was entitled "Dreams of America – A time to Remember, Reflect and Rejoice!" and included guests dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Mark Twain, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Princess Diana, and Chief Sitting Bull among many others. During the entertainment portion of the program, Jackie and I donned our Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama masks and performed what I'm told was a "stirring" rendition of the Jefferson's theme song "Movin' On Up." A good time was had by all. Rumor has it a prom or ball or some other kind of party is planned for fall. Maybe it will be in honor of Obama's Middle East peace plan or latest corporate bailout. Jackie already accepted my invitation. Will you?!! Click any pic for a link to see even more pics from the Stimulus Bawl.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Unfortunately, these people are having way too much fun! Way too much fun!

This looks like some serious mischief by possible radical elements in your Toledo congregation.

Not to gossip or anything, but it looks like a lot of laughing and dancing is going on here. And too much body movement and color!

You've got to put a stop to these subversive activities! Next thing you know, your congregation will be on Lawrence Welk show.

Consult your church manual now to see how far these people are exceeding the limits of fun that Chritians should be allowed to have. You may need to call your church police!!!!!

Yvonne said...

Oh no! We never thought we'd get busted like this! I thought what goes on in Vegas was supposed to stay in Vegas. We hope to get a 'git outa jail' card from the church police. All we wanted to do was to have fun, and apparently, we were having too way much fun.

But all the folks that night were in great form including President Obama, former president Bill Clinton, Florence the Nurse to Mark Twain!